Here’s What The Batmobile Could Have Looked Like

The Batmobile has gone through a very wild and interesting evolution over the years. It has been an exotic sports car, an over-the-top winged missile on wheels, and even an agile tank. Now in the most recent batman film, The Batman (2022) starring Robert Pattinson, the Batmobile has received more of a DIY, post-apocalyptic muscle car look.

Being able to roar through concrete and fire, the newest Batmobile immediately strikes fear into Gotham’s criminal underworld.

Of course, like most of the Batmobiles, it didn’t start off looking like that on the first draft. Loosely based on the Dodge Charger, this version had some help by designers like Benjamin Last, Ash Thorp, Andries van Overbeeke, and Colie Wertz.

Part of the vision for the newest Batmobile was to make it look like something Bruce Wayne would have welded together by himself in his garage. So it’s fair to say that we may see some recreations of this version by enthusiasts in the near future.

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