Hellcat Owners Targeted In Airport Parking Lot Thefts

Several people returned to the Orlando International Airport to find their vehicle missing. The thing police realized they had in common? A Hellcat engine under the hood.

The thieves that ran through the Orlando airport parking lot clearly had a preference seeing as how two Dodge Chargers, a Challenger, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee were all stolen.

You would think, “Just grab the security tapes and find the thieves that way.” However, just because you pay a lot to park apparently doesn’t mean your car is secure. It’s reported the Orlando airport has no video footage of not one, not two, but THREE vehicles being stolen from its lot.

The only evidence the thefts even occurred at the airport are records from the exit tollbooth and piles of broken glass in the parking spaces the cars occupied. Unfortunately for these owners, looks like that update from Dodge to prevent thefts isn’t as fool-proof as it sounded.

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