Harley Is Hoping To Have A Town Full Of Motorcycle Licensed Citizens

Being the world’s largest heavyweight motorcycle manufacturer isn’t enough for Harley-Davidson. They now want to create the first town in America where everyone has a motorcycle license. And although there are only 85 people in the town of Ryder, North Dakota, about 50 of them are eligible for the program, according to The Drive.

All residents that want to participate will get free riding lessons this summer from the Harley-Davidson Academy and the company hopes everyone wants to take part so they can make the fully-licensed city a reality. Harley chose the city of Ryder because it was intrigued by it’s name and the fact that it’s water tower looks a lot like the one next to the Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The city of Ryder is just as excited about this as Harley is. It’s even officially renaming the town “Riders” for the rest of the 2017 riding season. Do you think they’ll be able to make it happen?

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