Gymkhana Heads To Motor City!

Ken Block has taken his Mustang and Gymkhana series to a lot of places over the years but now they’re finally heading to a city known for its automotive history: Motor City. In Detroit, Ken Block is seen drifting his Hoonigan Mustang down the freeway which we’re hoping is a hint as to what Gymkhana 10 might be.

Thanks to AutoWeek, this video is out floating around and we’ve got to say, we’re happy to have the sneak peek. There’s nothing better than a good drift video (especially from Block) but to have it be in the heart of automotive America? Well, that’s just icing on the cake. What about you? What are you looking for in the next installment of Gymkhana?

In other Ken Block-related news, have you heard that the legendary driver is no longer a part of the FIA World Rally Cross Program? You can find out the whole story in the video below. But what are you hoping to see Block do next? More Gymkhana videos? Other racing events? Start something completely different? Let us know!