Guys Rescue A 1969 Z/28 SCCA Camaro In A Barn Find!

You really never know what you’re gonna find when you come across potential “barn find” material. When you have the chance to crack open the doors to the barn and take the first look inside, you could have a rare car on your hand or you could have absolutely nothing. Or something in bewtween. It could be anything from a late model economy car that someone just didn’t want or crapped out on the owner or you could have yourself a rare muscle car. The mystery of it is one of the factors that makes barn finds so exciting to watch, much less be apart of.

In this partucular barn find, the uploaders are checking out a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro that’s been hanging out in the barn for around 40 years. After it lived a short life in the racing world it was then put away and never saw the light of day again for four decades. The poor car, even after being extensively modified, was left to simply rot to the ground. If you’re a gearhead, seeing this may make you cringe a little bit, given the condition of the car. But when you get to thinking aboutthe bigger story behind the car, what’s been done to it, and imagining all of those things that this car has been through in its life – that’s when it gets pretty cool. What would you do if you found an awesome “barn find” car?

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