Guys Morning Commute Turns Into Nightmare!

Morning commutes are stressful enough without having some type of accident. Being stuck in traffic for hours, dealing with crazy drivers, spilling your coffee everywhere are all terrible things that can happen in the morning. What’s worse is that you’re usually still half asleep which makes you even more angry!

Well, for this guy driving on his morning commute, his morning is about to turn into a nightmare! The actual accident happens at the 0:52 mark. As the guy is driving down the road, a red truck passes him on the left side of the road. It looks as though the red truck is towing an older truck behind it. SOMEHOW the truck being towed lost one of its wheels at the same moment the guy with the dash cam passes by. The wheel literally then just plows directly into the front of his car, totaling it!

Luckily the wheel didn’t go through the windshield and the guy was ok! But still! This has got to ruin anyones day while they’re on their way to work! What do you think about this crazy runaway tire crash? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think!