Guy Over-Inflates Boss’s Tires Because “He Couldn’t Get All The Tires to 100%”

It is common knowledge that tire pressure is measured in pounds-per-square-inch, not percent. Unfortunately for some people, common knowledge is not that common. That was the case for an employee at a demolition company who had to learn this lesson in a potentially dangerous way.

In a viral post to Reddit, the owner of a demolition company told one of his employees to add air to his Jeep’s tires because they lost some air pressure after a chilly day. Simple task, right? Wrong.

The employee, whose family was not native to the U.S., did not realize that tire pressure goes by pounds per square inch, not percentages. In his mind, he believed that filling the tires with air meant filling them to 100% (insert panic attack here).

The employee called his boss saying he attempted to fill the tires up with air, but they would not go up to 100%. As soon as he texted him a picture of all four of his tires with psi in the 90s, he immediately told him to get away from his Jeep for his own safety.

For most vehicles, the recommended tire pressure ranges from 25 to 50 psi. So you can only imagine the amount of danger there would be around four tires with twice the max amount of recommended air. With the potential risk of exploding, overinflated tires can sometimes have lethal results.

The tires, now rock-solid with air like four black balloons, needed to be safely deflated. For his own protection, the owner recalled Army-crawling to the tires while wearing a night-vision helmet and a bulletproof vest should the worst happen.

To his luck, all four tires we able to be safely deflated. According to the Jeep’s owner, he jokingly considered shooting out the tires and sending the SUV airborne.

As of today, the Jeep is still operational with the demolition company, while the employee responsible for the incident is not.

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