Good Wiring Means Less Resistance, and Taking the Hassle Out of EFI Fuel Delivery Is Easy

Spark plugs are responsible for transferring the spark from the distributor or ignition coil to the plugs. When it comes to your spark plugs, too much resistance is a bad thing, causing an engine to misfire, run roughly, or be hard to start. For this reason, purchasing a high-quality set of wires that provide maximum spark can make all the difference.

Engines that use EFI systems provide higher torque than carbureted engines. EFI systems can also optimize ignition timing, power, and air to fuel ratios to promote consistent performance. When building a fuel system for your EFI-equipped engine, it’s crucial to use the best parts.

Resistance is Futile

Taylor’s Spiro-Pros | Summit Racing

Too much resistance is a bad thing when it comes to spark plug wires. The more resistance a wire has, the less spark energy it will deliver to your plugs, resulting in reduced performance of your vehicle. For this reason, investing in a good set of wires like Taylor’s Spiro-Pros can do wonders. The 8mm wires have a special spiral core with ten times less resistance than standard resistor core wires. This means you’ll get maximum spark energy at the plugs while protecting electronic ignitions, onboard computers, and other electronics.

Take the Hassle Out of EFI Fuel Delivery

FiTech Go Fuel Force Mini | Summit Racing

As you know, building a fuel system that feeds your EFI-equipped engine is a big job, or it can be as simple as installing a FiTech Go Fuel Force Mini. Capable of supporting 600 horsepower, the Go Fuel Force Mini connects to existing fuel systems and maintains 58 PSI of fuel pressure for proper EFI operation. It also fits in small engine compartments, making mounting a snap.

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