“Ghost Car” Comes Out Of Nowhere, Almost Causes Crash!

This is as entertaining to watch as it is spooky! It’s obvious some kind of optical illusion is going on here but it’s still fun to think of this car as a “ghost car” or some kind of teleportation event going on. Whatever caused this car to be out of frame for as long as it was made for a really fascinating video that has a lot of people on the internet still debating on what exactly happened.

The video starts off at a stoplight somewhere and as the light turns green, everyone begins to go. As the BMW in front of the dash cam car is turning, it suddenly slams on its brakes because a car literally appears out of NOWHERE! The video uploader has slowed down the video multiple times to see exactly what is going on and it still looks pretty crazy! What takes this event to a whole different level of weird is that some people have pointed out that about 1:19 or 1:20, you can see that there appears to be no driver in the drivers seat of the “ghost car.” In a world full of dash cams, it’s no surprise that there are some weird, unexplainable car situations out there.

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