Garbage Truck Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel And Takes Out 13 Cars

Check this out – apparently, a garbage truck driver in Brooklyn, New York City fell asleep at the wheel and literally destroyed 13 parked cars.  Fortunately, nobody was injured. If you thought the story was crazy, wait until you hear the ending.  It’s reported that the driver of the garbage truck was neither arrested or even ticked by NYPD.  Why? Your guess is just as good as mine.

Source: YWN News

This week along with all the tech coming out of our four shops, we roll a MATCO Tools truck into the PowerNation studio for Katie. Well almost, it didn’t fit! So Katie’s guest this week Ben Gambrel, V.P. of Marketing, filled the studio with the latest line of MATCO Tool boxes called Revel.

Ben will also talk about some of the new technology that’s available, plus Josh Kessell will share what the typical day is like for a MATCO Tools franchise owner.