Garbage Truck Destroying Someone’s Trash Can

This video is unexplainable because it’s not really clear why this garbage truck destroyed someone’s trash can. So weird!

The video starts off of a surveillance camera in a back ally somewhere. You see a garbage truck pull up to 4 trash cans sitting in the ally. The garbage truck picks up and empty’s the first can just fine. The second can is also picked up and emptied, so is the third. Everything looks normal.

But then comes the fourth trash can. The garbage truck picks the can up and empties the trash like normal and then sets it back down. For some reason the truck just keeps sitting there and then the truck driver raises the arm as if he was getting ready to leave…but he doesn’t. The driver then literally smashes the arm into the trash can, flattening and crushing it! Ok accident right? Well, it gets a little weird because the arm then goes right back down on top of the trash can AGAIN and smashes it until it falls over in the road. The driver then decides he’s just gonna leave..seriously what’s up with that? What do you think happened? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!