Garage Find! 1970 Dodge Challenger RT With Awesome Burnt Orange Paint!

Anytime there’s a barn find or garage find, it’s usually something amazing and (sometimes) in almost new condition! It’s amazing that some of the great classics are just stored and tucked away in a garage somewhere, only to be forgotten about for decades. It’s wild to think that there are still and always will be, great and valuable classic muscle cars out there in barns and garages only waiting to be discovered!

Although this is technically a garage find, the person who found it knew of it since the 1970’s. According to the uploader, the car used to belong to his ex-wife but after the two parted ways in 1978, the uploader kept his eye on the car watching to see if it ever went up for sale. The car had been stored in a garage for decades until the owner decided to sell the car finally. The uploader was the first to respond to the sale and the video captures the moment the car FINALLY comes out of the garage after all of these years!

Unfortunately the car wouldn’t run but that could be an easy fix with the right knowledge. It’s an amazing car and it looks almost brand new besides a few spider webs here and there. What do you think about it?