From Electric Pickups to Flying Cars: What Does the Future Hold for Chevy?

Cadillac Flying Vehicle | Photo Credit: GM

Hearing the plans to build new electric vehicles is one thing, knowing it’s happening is another. In 2017, the automaker announced that “all-electric is the future.” While the claim might have sounded outrageous then, states like California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts validated these decisions by putting a shelf life on the combustion engine. It’s understandable why automakers are slowly implementing their exit strategies from gas.

Despite our feelings on the topic, more car companies continue unveiling new versions of their electric something. At GM’s CES event, they briefly discussed their all-electric Chevy pickup, as well as the new Cadillac Celestiq, which will be their flagship electric sedan. They also teased us with a slew of crossovers, putting us at ease with the transition into the new age of cars.

General Motors Tease | Photo Credit: GM

Although the number of details GM released for their EVs was minimal, there was an image from their online presentation of the Hummer EV surrounded by six other vehicles we’ve yet to hear about.

The details surrounding the hummer have been revealed in its entirety, but during the interview with Vice President of Global Design, Michael Simcoe, we’re shown the Cadillac Celestiq flagship electric sedan. Its debut was glowing and showed off its extremely long wheelbase, and unique front grille, but not much else.

Cadillac Celestiq | Photo Credit: GM

Behind the Celstiq sat the revelation causing chatter in the car world, which is (we’re speculating here) the all-electric pickup truck from Chevy. It boasted a full light bar that stretched behind a Chevy bowtie. Despite the lack of details, we assume it’s our first look at the GM EV pickup that would compete with the Ford F-150 EV. To the right of the potential pickup is a crossover with an egg light bar in a shadow; GM didn’t mention anything about it.

On the complete opposite side of the stage is where we see, what we believe, is the Cadillac Celestiq, but behind the Cadillac is something freaky. It appears to be a Corvette-inspired crossover with angled headlights and a sharpened grille – it matches the C8 design, but GM confirmed it will be a Buick. Although it doesn’t look like a Buick, that’s the point, I guess.

And saving the best for last, Cadillac mentioned a flying car that’s a cross between a helicopter and a drone. In a year that GM announced a hybrid Corvette, nothing should come as a surprise anymore. Although it appears it can seat one person, you must keep in mind that it’s a Cadillac, not an Escalade. GM hasn’t provided additional details, but it looks like the automaker might be soaring to new heights, literally.

The eVOL concept is the first into aerial mobility and will offer a 90-kW electric motor to power its four rotors. It’s said it’ll reach speeds of 56 mph, so that you can fly silently over traffic with a panoramic view below, according to the Michael Simcoe.

Although General Motors has been mum about additional details, what they’ve given us speaks volumes. To us, it appears GM is poised to fly into the future with their current renderings.

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