Forgotten Classic Dodge Challengers Buried Deep In The Woods..So Sad!

There’s really two types of abandoned car situations out there. There’s barn finds and garage finds, which is good because it shields the cars from the elements which ups the chances of restoration. Then there’s the sad abandoned in a large field or the woods somewhere. Sometimes these cars are wrecked and instead of fixing them, people just essentially dump the car in the woods somewhere, only to sit there for decades.

In this video you see A LOT of old classic Dodge challengers, essentially forgotten about, left to sit in the woods somewhere. The cars have been there so long that all of them have full grown trees growing through them, which is just tragic. As you can tell, a lot of these Challengers are damaged but some of them look like there could be a glimmer of hope to a possible restoration. However it would really take a dedicated restorer with deep pockets to restore something like this. Not only do you have to fix the damage but it would cost so much time and money to remove the car from the thick trees and brush. So sad! What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!