Ford Wants You To Upgrade Your Tailgate With The Mustang Mach-E’s Cooler-Size Frunk

Just because football season is over doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for summer – or even next season. And all you need is your car.

Ford has come up with a way for sports fans (or anyone who likes to tailgate) to do just that using the new all-electric Mustang Mach-E’s front trunk, or frunk. It’s a 4.8-cubic-foot plastic space – the equivalent to a 36-gallon cooler – that sits underneath the hood. (In a gas-powered vehicle, where the engine is typically located).


The trunk in the front is about the size of a large cooler, so fans can forget about lugging a heavy cooler to a tailgate. Just fill the front trunk with ice and beverages and cruise right up to your tailgate. When you’re done, open the drain cap at the bottom of the front trunk and let gravity do the rest.

Did you sign up to bring a gameday spread best served chilled? Top off the frunk with some shaved ice to keep veggies, dips and even shrimp cold and ready to eat.

Feed an entire team by loading the front trunk with hot wings: you can hold more than 1,000 regular sized wings with the extra storage space. And don’t worry about the sauce – you can open the drain cap and hose down the front trunk when you get home.

So if the specs or style of the Mach-E didn’t have you sold, maybe this innovative suggestion will do it. The future of EVs is here, in more ways than one.

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