Ford Scaling Back Production at Four U.S. Assembly Plants

Ford, much like every other major automaker, has been feeling the pinch regarding the global semiconductor chip shortage affecting production. It was reported that the shortage has set the auto industry behind 2.2 million cars around the world. Ford has had to put production on hold on a few occasions in the last few years, and it appears it will be happening again in the Summer of 2022, according to an employee memo.

Assembly plants in Kansas City, Missouri, Louisville, Kentucky and Chicago, Illinois, are expected to trim production for the summer, and will resume full production in September 2022. “Chicago stamping will be implementing a week-to-week temporary starting Monday, June 20. The temporary layoff will continue Sunday, September 11 with the plan to return to full-scale production on Monday, September 12.”

The memo is also offering employees to volunteer for temporary layoffs for the summer months, which will likely be more appealing to those with children at home for summer vacation.

Recently, Ford has had to deal with the microchip shortage by delivering vehicles by temporarily disabling/removing non-critical features in order to satisfy the constantly high demand.

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