Ford Issues A Service Recall For Focus RS’

Ford Focus RS owners have been calling attention to issues involving faulty head gaskets in the 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline four-cylinder engines that are in 2016 and 2017 Focus RS models for almost a year now. Mainly on forums and Reddit. Now, Ford is offering to replace them free of charge.


AutoBlog reports that the automaker plans to send letters to owners this week that it is offering to pressure-test Focus RS cooling systems and inspect the combustion chamber for coolant at dealers free of charge. It’s also stated that they’ll replace the cylinder head gasket and, if necessary, the cylinder head assembly.

If your vehicle is affected, you may see noticeable white smoke from the exhaust or low coolant levels without signs of external leaks. The free offer for affected vehicle owners runs through Jan. 31, 2019, regardless of the vehicle’s mileage. Ford is also offering to pay the cost of up to four days for rental vehicles for owners who need them while their car is in the shop although it is estimated it will take less than two days to make the repairs. You can see the bulletin Ford wrote to owners answering questions below.

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