Ford Is Launching The 2018 Ranger In China Before The U.S.

Ford is taking advantage of the quickly changing Chinese market and is anticipating an increase in the demand for pickups. So MotorTrend reports that the automaker is sending the Ranger to China in 2018, which is a year ahead of the re-launch here in the US.

Ford says that thanks to media exposure people in the Chinese market are becoming interested in pickups that have the capabilities of a truck but the comfort and features of an SUV. In addition, the Chinese government will be easing up on restrictions on the use of pickup trucks in heavily populated areas, which increases the market. And since the Ranger is the second best-selling midsize truck behind the Toyota Hilux, it only makes sense they bring it to a growing market.

The Ranger will be the second Ford pickup offered in China now after the F-150 Raptor goes on sale this year. There’s no word on where the Chinese-market Ranger will be built yet. Ford fans, what do you have to say about this?