Ford Has Killed The Flex

Since 2008 the Ford Flex dared to be bold. It gained a loyal following as a stylish, roomy wagon blending sport/utility vehicle and minivan capability in a low-slung retro-inspired package. However, it was not a hot seller for the automaker. The model sold less than 24,000 per year in the past five years and only 20,308 in 2018.

However, as part of a plan to strengthen its focus on products in the heart of the fastest-growing segments, Ford is saying goodbye to the Flex.


“Flex broke the mold. It had both crossover and minivan elements in a hip, trendy package that stood out from what was becoming a really boring minivan segment,” said Chris Kessler, Ford Flex marketing manager. “Its design traced its roots to the traditional family station wagons that many of our customers remember growing up with, but it brought forward modern sport/utility design elements and features both parents and kids loved.”


Celebrities, sports stars, and rappers leveraged the unique urban styling of Ford Flex to create custom designs from the very beginning. Funkmaster Flex and Nelly opened the 2008 SEMA show with their own tricked-out versions featuring custom paint schemes, exotic leather interiors, and audio/video entertainment systems fit for a superstar – plus their friends and family, of course, in the roomy seven-passenger crossover.

For traditional custom car fans, designer Chip Foose took the unique design with its flat roof and ribbed side panels to create a stunning wagon-inspired custom ride. On 22-inch Foose Design wheels and lowered chassis with custom-blended two-tone blue and cream pearl paint, the “Foose Flex” debuted luxury, performance, and style at the 2008 SEMA show.

Production will stop at the end of November. The Lincoln MKT will also be discontinued. Both are built in Oakville, Ontario, which will result in around 450 workers being laid off.

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