Ford Has Designed A Clear N95 Mask For The Hearing-Impaired


Companies world-wide have been adapting to the new Covid-19 world we’re living in. Last year, with news of a vaccine, Ford was one of the firsts to invest in a freezer to hold the vaccines vials for its employees. Now, the automaker has released a mask it designed with the hearing impaired in mind.

Ford has been a top contributor when it comes to the manufacture of surgical masks, face shields, and ventilators since the start of the pandemic. The latest PPE Ford has introduced is a clear N95 respirator-type mask that can help the hearing-impaired.


At the time of this article, Ford has been granted patent-pending approval for the reusable mask. It allows lip reading and facial expression recognition better than the traditional medical or cloth masks people have been using.

“This clear respirator promises to improve interactions between neighbors, at the store and for those who have hearing impairments,” Jim Baumbick, head of Ford’s Project Apollo PPE effort said.

Final testing on the masks is scheduled to run through the winter before production could begin in the spring.

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