First Ride On A Brand New Ninja Motorcycle Turns Into A Fail

How many times have we seen this? Someone buys a brand new car and crashes leaving the dealership or they buy a brand new bike and crash into something. That’s like the worst possible luck anybody could have! Here you are about to drive your brand new,expensive car or bike and then something awful happens and you crash. That’s definitely one of the worst situations anybody can be in.

This video isn’t nearly as bad of a crash as it is just a fail. It starts off with 2 guys on their motorcycles in a street somewhere. The green Ninja is apparently brand new and the guy on the bike is about to take his first ride on it. He’s probably pretty excited to finally go for a spin on his new bike but when he takes off down the road, he somehow cuts his ride short. Not sure what exactly went wrong but it just looks like he misjudged the turn and ran straight into a sidewalk! What’s worse is that the bike doesn’t even go over the curb, it just causes both him and the bike to topple over. Although his bike probably wasn’t damaged that bad, he was probably pretty embarrassed! Fail!