Fifth-Gen GTO Gets Helpful Push By Cop After Getting Stuck On Snowy Highway

A rear-wheel drive car can be super sketchy on a snowy highway, especially without snow tires. This RWD GTO ran into some issues while navigating I-43 in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. A bit of salt was sprinkled by the tires in an effort to help the driver gain traction, and thanks to a Milwaukee County Dodge Charger police vehicle equipped with a bull bar, it was able to nudge him safely back onto the highway. The police vehicle kept pushing the GTO until it could keep going by itself but followed closely just in case.

As it turns out, this driver was just trying to make it to the hospital where his child was being born and said this was his only option. His Ford F-150 was occupied by his two other daughter’s and grandma, and his Lincoln LS was down at the moment. In another comment, he was also trying to get some snow rubber for the GTO this past Sunday, but the deal fell through. He happily posted a photo of him at the hospital with his newborn son. Of course, the backlash was real, but hey, when push comes to shove – literally, in this case – you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

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