Ferrari Might Be Allowing Odometers To Be Rolled Back

Ferrari is under the microscope since a veteran Ferrari salesman is suing a Florida Ferrari dealership for age discrimination, but his lawsuit contains something even more serious than that. Robert “Bud” Root alleges that Ferrari of Palm Beach used Ferrari’s Deis Tester diagnostic tool to roll back the odometers with Ferrari’s authorization. That would drive the supercar’s value up by over $1 million dollars. The lawsuit also says that Ferrari even produced a written policy manual detailing the procedure, which dates back to at least 2010.

The lawsuit says that in October 2015 a technician reset a digital odometer of a LaFerrari for the then owner in exchange for cash. The part that’s even more interesting is that using a Deis tester for the rollback would automatically log in with Ferrari North America. The lawsuit alleges the technician was on the phone with FNA while he was rolling it back. No matter what car you turn an odometer back on, it’s a federal crime. And this could mean trouble for Ferrari and the dealership if it’s true.