FCA Recalling Jeep Cherokees For Transmission Issues


FCA has announced that it is recalling 67,248 Jeep Cherokee SUVs due to a transmission issue that can potentially result in a loss of power or roll-away situation.

In a statement, FCA says, “A review of customer data prompted an FCA investigation that discovered a driveline connection may, in certain circumstances, slip. Should this occur, it may lead to loss of propulsion and prevent the transmission from engaging PARK when the vehicle is stationary.”

Affected vehicles can be brought into Jeep service departments which will install updated software that will alert the driver to the malfunction when it occurs. If the vehicle is in motion, the computer will automatically shunt power to the rear wheels to maintain propulsion. If a malfunction is detected while attempting to shift into park, the system will also apply the parking brake automatically to prevent roll-away.

The recall applies only to all-wheel-drive models of the 2014-2017 Jeep Cherokee with a two-speed Power Transfer Unit. Jeep brands these systems as “Active Drive II” or “Active Drive Lock.” Vehicles with the “Active Drive I” all-wheel-drive system are not included in the recall.

There has been one accident reported attributed to this issue, but no injuries are known. Notices will begin going out to owners of the recalled models in July.

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