FCA Is Getting In The Law Enforcement Game

Fiat Chrysler debuted a new law enforcement fleet vehicle page to make it easy for departments in the market for new Dodge vehicles to find the best fit. It highlights features, pricing, efficiency, and performance of each vehicle just like a regular dealership website.

If you compare it with Ford and GM’s, they base fleet vehicles off PDF files rather than just a website. So FCA is one of the first to have a website ready and accessible for departments to use. Although even with the new, upgraded website Dodge vehicles are still lagging behind the Ford Interceptor in terms of sales. However, Dodge is pricing these vehicles to sell. The Durango Special Service starts at $31,500 and the Charger Pursuit At $31,600. FCA also got a large contract recently with the California Highway Patrol, according to The Drive, which will be a big boost. The agency plans on replacing their older models with new Charger Pursuits. Is this FCA’s big break into the law enforcement market? Look out for all those new Dodge’s on the road!