Family Has To Jump Draw Bridge Across The Water

This is a nightmare situation for anyone to be in.  According to news reports, Terence Naphy and his family were heading to Cape May, New Jersey for a vacation when suddenly the drawbridge they were on began to rise.  As the bridge was rising and the car began to tilt, Naphy knew that if he didn’t act fast, their RAV4 would plummet 65 feet to the water below.  Making a quick decision, Naphy decided to floor their little SUV to jump OVER the gap to the other side of the bridge, three to six feet below.  Thankfully nobody suffered any injuries but the car sustained over $10,000 in damages.  

According to a statement from the bridge operator, he informed Lower Township Police that the fishing vessel crossing under the bridge had radio issues AND he apparently also had a glare in his eyes while operating the bridge.  It’s unknown if the Naphy family will have their expenses paid for the damage but Terence Naphy has made it very clear that he will never, EVER drive that bridge or probably any drawbridge ever again.

Source: The Drive

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