Elephant Gets Tired Of Cars Driving By – Decides To Destroy One

In a lot of these safari type videos, it usually doesn’t end well for the car. Why should it? You are driving through a wild animals home and they probably don’t like that very much. This video is pretty funny however, because this wild elephant has just had enough of all of those cars driving by. What’s crazy is the start of the video you see a car already trying to turn around to get out of there because this giant elephant is coming after their car.

Suddenly the video just cuts to this small silver car stuck out in the road, where the elephant is starting to stomp on the wheel and fender. It’s not clear why the car is just at a complete stop. The elephant then goes around to the front of the car and SITS on the car, which is hilarious! Eventually after stomping and walking all over this poor little car, the elephant rips the front bumper off the car. The driver decides he’s had enough and drives his badly damaged car away.

What would you do in this situation? Would you try to drive away or sit in the road like this car did?