Eco-Protesters Glue Themselves to the Volkswagen Showroom Floor, Until They Need to Use the Bathroom

Eco-warriors have been staging stunts and disruptions throughout Europe in an attempt to influence governments to take action against climate change, including throwing soup on a Van Gogh painting and blocking highways.

The most recent act was when a group of eco-warriors from the group “Scientist Rebellion” glued themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen museum and showroom in Germany and demanded the German government reduce the maximum speed limit of 62mph.

What the protesters did not expect was when it was time to close, the staff left them inside for the night without any lighting, heat, food, or access to a restroom.

“They refused our request to provide us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued, and have turned off the heating,” says protester Giancluca Grimalda.

Grimalda later had to exit the protest for medical treatment after complaining that after gluing his hand to the floor, he began to experience immense swelling. Medics warned that he would be at risk of experiencing blood clots.

The eight remaining protesters that glued themselves were later arrested by police, along with other demonstrators that were not glued.

Organizers from the Just Stop Oil movement say that these kinds of disruptions with continue and escalate throughout the month if their demands are not met.

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