Eagle Talon Crashes Into The Wall..Ouch!

When there’s racing, there’s risk of a crash. At the end of the day, a driver is operating an extremely heavy piece of machinery going at insanely fast speeds down a track. Anything can happen. Fortunately there’s a lot of great racing equipment in the modern world that help keep drivers safe and minimize damage done to the car also. It still doesn’t mean that there aren’t some pretty wild crashes that do occur however.

In this case, we see an Eagle Talon TSi vs a Subaru WRX. At first, everything seems normal like a typical race as the cars get going down the track. Both of the cars sound pretty good! They’re obviously both pretty well tuned and modified for this type of racing. Suddenly, when the Talon tries to pass the Subaru, something horrible goes wrong! For some reason the Talon begins to head straight for the wall and crashes directly into it! It actually looks a lot worse than it was because the driver was ok thankfully. Still, it was a pretty wild crash and it could’ve easily involved both cars but luckily it didn’t! What do you think about this crash? Let us know in the comments!