Drivers Who Merge At The Last Minute Are Doing It Right

If you’re old enough to drive you know merging can cause major traffic if there’s drivers who don’t know what they’re doing. Everyone has their way to merge into traffic whether it’s signaling and getting in the other lane right away or taking advantage of the open lane ahead and then getting over in front of everyone else.

A lot of people go the first route but you always have that guy that races down the empty lane or even in the shoulder to get to the merge and cut everyone who’s been waiting in line off. Well, studies show that that guy might be doing it right. When drivers get over immediately it causes the line to back up and even accidents as impatient drivers try to squeeze their way in. The “zipper method” as it’s called is technically the right way to do it. With this method, driver fill up both lanes and when it comes time to merge, drivers take turns letting a driver go from each lane. So what’s your merging style?

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Source: How Stuff Works