Driver Turns Without Looking, Causing Wild Motorcycle Crash!

Some people unfortunately drive pretty terrible out there and don’t pay attention at all while driving. When someone is operating a 2,000+ lbs machine, it would make sense to be as careful and attentive as possible but some people out there drive so bad it makes you wonder how they even got their license to begin with. Looking both ways before you cross is a pretty basic driving skill but unfortunately the driver in this video didn’t look both ways before crossing, resulting in a terrible accident!

This accident apparently occurred in Australia last year. As a couple of motorcyclists were driving down the road, a car turns right through traffic without making sure the roadway was clear. As the car pulls out, it was too late for the two motorcyclists to get out of the way and they literally SLAM INTO the red car! This crash looked super brutal but fortunately for the bikers, their injuries weren’t serious! Thankfully so many people came to help after this collision!

Stuff like this is a perfect example of why it’s ALWAYS a great idea to look both ways before turning into the road because you never know who might be driving your way!

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