Driver On Cell Phone Causes Horrible Crash

Drivers of the world, please pay attention to the road!! In today’s world, cellphones have become one of the biggest driving distractions and cause many wrecks all the time. A lot of people have called for the complete ban of cellphones while driving because of the dangers they can cause.

In this video you see a car driving down the road with a truck in front of it. The driver apparently doesn’t see the truck in front of it and doesn’t make an attempt to slow down before crashing into the truck. What’s worse is the car appears to keep accelerating when it crashes into the truck, which causes both cars to swerve into the median before finally coming to a halt. Whoa! This is a perfect example of why you should always pay attention to the road while driving. According to the original video description, the driver was on their cellphone before the crash.

Driving while distracted is a serious problem these days since we live in such a distracted, fast paced society. Luckily this wreck wasn’t that bad but could’ve easily been a lot worse than it actually was. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!