Driver Lives To Tell The Tale After Being Ejected From Car

Racing is a dangerous sport no matter where you’re at or what you’re driving. Luckily for drivers, today cars are equipped with harnesses, roll over cages, and other safety measures. But that doesn’t mean insane crashes like this one won’t completely shake drivers up.

Valentina Tomasello is the driver in the video and she’s racing in the Sunix circuit of the Dominican Republic. Two cars were going head to head with each other when one of the race cars got out of control, slipped, and nudged the other car, which sent both cars out of the circuit. The two vehicles slid off the grassy area and crash into a trackside tree, with one car sandwiched between the tree and the other vehicle. This split the former in two, which then catapulted the driver out of the cockpit like a test dummy.

Fortunately, Tomasello walked away from the incident with minor injuries. Well, not literally walk away, as she was unconscious when rushed to the hospital. But she lived to tell the tale.

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