Driver Denny Hamlin Gets Race Ended When His Daughter Hilariously Cuts Him Off

During the COVID-19 crisis, NASCAR drivers have been participating in eNASCAR virtual races. It’s obviously a whole different world from actual driving but everyone’s adapting during these crazy times.

During this weekend’s Talladega race, FedEx driver, Denny Hamlin, finished dead last. Although it was through no fault of his own. And this is a completely new way to cut a race short!

Hamlin’s 7-year-old daughter, Taylor, accidentally turned off the monitor on his driving simulator when she walked up with a TV remote control in her hand.

He took to Twitter to explain what happened (jokingly, we think):

“I’m mad. I’m p—ed off. But they’re just kids.”

You can see in the end of the top video that Hamlin waves his daughter off just before the screen goes black and then the screen goes black. The 7-year-old turns to the camera and saying “uh-oh” and heads out of the room.

These two have shared a few eNASCAR bloopers together. During the first event of the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series, Taylor brought him a bottle of Coke that sprayed on him and his very expensive driving simulator when he opened it.

Gotta love seeing how everyone’s adjusting working from home!

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