Driver Caught Speeding Down Freeway With Motorcycle Wrapped Around Bumper

A man in Corona, CA was arrested over the weekend for felony hit-and-run after a wild crash caught on camera showed a driver behind the wheel of a minivan speeding with a motorcycle wrapped around the bumper.

The scene occurred Friday night on the eastbound lanes of the 91 Freeway, just west of the 15 Freeway in Corona. The driver of the minivan struck a motorcyclist and failed to stop.

The motorcyclist, Chain Arunritthirot, told CHP that he landed about 200 feet away from the collision in the middle of the freeway, confused about what had just happened.

The driver continued on the freeway with the motorcycle still attached to the front bumper before eventually crashing into a fence and fleeing on foot.

Luckily, Arunritthirot was not seriously injured considering CHP estimates the motorcyclist was going 65 mph when the minivan hit him going 70 mph.

The video footage was taken by Natalie Duran and Will Ross, who were following the minivan and calling CHP. Arunritthirot said he is still in shock about the whole thing and said he’d like to meet and thank Duran and Ross for capturing the crash on camera and calling the police.

25-year-old George Valentin admitted to being the driver and was taken into custody on Saturday.

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