Driver Caught Snoozing In Tesla Model S Going 75 MPH On The Highway

While technology has come a long way, it can be downright scary, especially when it is being abused. These autonomous cars are great and all, but with the driver knocked out cold, can you really trust a car to do everything? Especially a car that isn’t even a self-driving car, but a semi-autonomous car. With that said, Tesla is not a self-driving vehicle. It features a semi-autonomous system that can take over basic highway driving, but everyone on the road knows that anything can happen in a split second and drivers should be alert to take over the wheel at any given moment. Accidents have happened with Teslas on Autopilot mode, and it raises the question if these accidents could have been entirely avoided had the drivers been paying attention in the first place.

Posted on Jalopnik, this man was caught sleeping in his Tesla Model S as it was driving down the highway at about 75 miles per hour. Seth Blake was visiting the area with his band stumbled across this disturbing sight while driving from Anaheim to Los Angeles, and his fiance took this short video. A hand on the wheel is necessary for Tesla’s autopilot mode, and this sleeping man’s hand was resting on the bottom steering wheel which was apparently enough to trick the system. According to Blake, the man did wake up for a second and looked around before dozing back off.

From Tesla’s website – “Autopilot is intended for use with a fully attentive driver who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time.”

There must be another way to stop drivers from sleeping in vehicles. This could turn into something bad, and it makes the road a scarier place than it already is. Please don’t do this.

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