Drift Fail! Car Crashes Through Someone’s Garage!

How does someone even drift on a busy road to begin with? Who knows but whatever this driver was trying to do, wasn’t a great idea! You see a lot of videos out there of people trying to drift, which is a pretty popular style of racing and driving but it should always be performed on a closed off track. Not sure what the driver was thinking here but regardless, it ended up in a terrible fail!

A surveillance camera outside of someones house shows the driveway with a nice BMW. You can see a little bit of the road and a car passes by. Then suddenly a car comes down the road sideways!! The driver looks like they’re trying to do some drifting or some other wild stunt! The driver then goes in the driveway and THROUGH the garage! They literally just plow through this garage, probably destroying everything in there! Whatever went wrong in this situation, the owner of the garage was probably super angry! What an insane situation! What do you think about this fail? Do you have any thoughts or opinions on what you think was going on here? Let us know in the comments what you think!