Don’t Stand Behind Modified Cars

Some cars shoot flames, some don’t. If you see a modified car shooting flames however, it’s probably not a wise decision to stand directly behind it in the path of the flaming exhaust. Seriously why anyone would do this is beyond comprehension but hey whatever! It’s obvious that anytime you see flames or any kind of fire, you probably don’t need to go near it but some people don’t care apparently.

In this video we see some Nissan Skylines shooting flames like crazy out in the streets somewhere. There are crowds of spectators gathered around taking video and watching the cars! As these Skylines are shooting flames, we see people carelessly walk behind them directly through the flames. Seriously why!? It’s not just one person that does this, it’s multiple!

The craziest part however is when the guy with the yellow vest on decides to walk behind one of the cars RIGHT as it’s shooting flames and flames go on him! He doesn’t seem to notice and the flames fortunately didn’t catch his clothes on fire. The guy at the end though doesn’t care at all and he’s just hanging out wayyy too close to the flames. What do you think about this?