Dog-Gone RV, Snowy Semi Save, World’s Biggest Exhaust, Bike Tractor Pull, And VW In The US

Today on PND…
• A Dog That Sent His Owner’s RV For A Swim
• A Pickup Driver That Rescued Several Semis In A Snowstorm
• This Guy May Have Made The World’s Biggest And Loudest Exhaust
• Bikers Who Say Leave The Tractor Pulling To Us
• And Volkswagen Is Going To Build It’s Electric Vehicles Right Here In The US

RV Swim
You may not want to leave your dog unattended in your vehicle or on the boat ramp after this one. Professional fisherman and white-water kayaking world champ, Eric Jackson, had things go south while launching his boat in east Texas. His Dalmatian, Bodi, was hanging out in the RV that was launching the boat, stepped on the reverse switch, and de-activated the brakes. The RV started rolling back into the water and the back wheels were floating by the time Eric got inside. He says the RV will probably be a total loss…dog-gone-it!

Semi Save
A major snowstorm hit the Midwest earlier this month which left vehicles stranded and stuck. You wouldn’t think a pickup would be much help for a stuck 18-wheeler but this guy got it done! A semi driver in St. Louis recorded the man pulling his tractor-trailer along with a fellow trucker up an icy incline. The trucker said if it weren’t for the Chevy driver he wouldn’t have been able to get home to his family that day. He also said, “I will never talk smack about Chevy again”…Ford guys, how about that?

Largest Exhaust
We’ve seen some insane mods but this one is crazy! YouTuber “Bug Bmx” shows us how he put this exhaust tip together and the end results are insane. It isn’t some aftermarket piece you can buy this thing is complete “custom” design. Basically, he welded a bunch of 55-gallon drums together and threw it on his truck. What’s the craziest “DIY” mod you’ve done or seen?

Harley Pull
We’ve seen tractor pulls and truck pulls. But Harley pulls? That’s a new one. It’s exactly what you think it is, and it’s crazy to watch. These guys are attempting to tow heavy loads all while staying upright on a bike. That takes some skill! Check out the madness, would you try it?

VW Electric Plant
Volkswagen is planning to build its electric vehicles right here in the US. The automaker is going to invest $800 million and create 1,000 new jobs at its Chattanooga, TN plant. The first electric vehicle to roll out of that plant will come in 2022 and be a production version of the ID Crozz crossover. There’s also rumors this is where the ID Buzz (the new electric microvan – which is COOL) would be built. Are you happy to see jobs coming to the US, even if it’s for electric vehicles?

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