Dog Caught On Video Crashing a Jeep Into a Parked Car; Family Says She’s “Still a Good Dog”

Watching people make bonehead mistakes behind the wheel is such a guilty pleasure that the subreddit Idiots In Cars is dedicated entirely to sharing funny, bewildering, and sometimes shocking content caused by irresponsible drivers.

However, a video of a dog behind the wheel of a Jeep Cherokee has gone viral after it appears that the pet drives the SUV into a parked car.

Freya, a border collie, is seen in the driver’s seat while her owner, Sue Brewer frantically attempts to stop the Jeep from colliding with two other vehicles in a parking lot. In the video, Brewer claims that Freya knocked the gear stick loose, putting it into drive and causing it to roll into a neighbor’s vehicle.

While speaking with Yahoo News, Brewer says that despite driving without a license, Freya is fine and is still a “very good dog.” However, she has been permanently banned from sitting up front.

Shaun Waller, the owner of the car that was hit, says he thinks the entire incident is hilarious. “Me and my partner were in hysterics laughing – it’s an old car so we weren’t too bothered about the damage.”

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