Does Performance Exhaust Really Increase Horsepower? (Yes)

When it comes to car modifications, everyone is trying to gain that extra edge on their ride to give it THAT much more horsepower. Whether you have a drag car that you’re trying to increase horsepower to help beat the competition or you want to give your street car a little more edge, there are plenty of car modification enhancements out there. There’s a lot of hearsay on what parts actually effect the horsepower and torque outputs, which causes a lot of confusion and sometimes wasted money.

Out in the automotive industry, there are numerous parts that one can choose from when trying to increase horsepower on their ride. One of the most popular modifications is an exhaust system. Some people may just want to change the sound of their car to make it appear more powerful but some people also choose to go all out and buy a ‘performance” exhaust system. This video goes into deep detail on if a performance exhaust system actually does improve horsepower and also how to install an exhaust system with detailed instructions. YouTuber ChrisFix goes into great detail in this cool video! What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!