Dodge Challenger and Tesla Model 3 Race Ends With Gravity Defying Wreck

Dodge Challenger Crashes On Los Angeles Highway | Photo Credit: YouTube

Let me tell you from experience, fast cars and Los Angeles freeways aren’t a winning combination. The mixture of bad drivers, and well, other bad drivers jam-packing these crowded freeways is not an environment conducive for speed. Add cameras into the equation capturing every right or wrong move, and you’re bound to become an internet sensation. Unfortunately, this Challenger driver learned the hard way. Welcome to your 15 minutes of fame, for all the wrong reasons, sir.

Ironically, an internet poll released the day before found that Dodge drivers were the second worst, only behind BMW drivers, which isn’t the most shocking thing you’ll read today.

However, a video posted to YouTube shows the cameras on a Tesla Model 3 capture a Dodge Challenger, clearly upset by the electric car overtaking him, start weaving through lanes littered by traffic at high speeds to catch up. It led to an accident that should have never happened, clearly fueled by ego. It’ll be hard to prove his case, even without video evidence, which we’re sure he didn’t know existed, until now!

Dodge Challenger Races Down Los Angeles Highway | Photo Credit: YouTube

According to commentary spotted by InsideEVs Wham Baam Tesla Cam, the Tesla Model 3 was driving late at night in the far-left lane of a busy freeway in Los Angeles. He mentions that the Tesla driver who sent in the video claims he was overtaking slow traffic, which included the Challenger, but based on the footage, it’s hard to believe since they appear to be racing.

The Challenger then proceeds to pass a large SUV, which appears to be a ninth-generation Chevrolet Suburban, and cuts into the right lane. As the Dodge continues forward, the Tesla exits the left lane and hides behind the SUV. The driver of the Challenger seemingly means to merge into the same lane as the Tesla. However, they’re caught off-guard by the Model 3’s abrupt change and rear-ends the car in front. The 4,400-pound Challenger continues to barrel down the highway, losing control and striking the car in the next lane.

Dodge Challenger Crashes on Los Angeles Highway | Photo Credit: YouTube

There’s a lot going on here, and unfortunately, there isn’t reporting from any local news stations on the incident. It appears as though both cars were traveling at a high rate of speed, and one driver got unlucky.

Although it looks like both cars could have been racing and doing their best Need for Speed impersonation on a public road, it’s a solid reminder to be safe, especially somewhere as crowded as Los Angeles. Do your best to avoid fame for the wrong reasons.

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