Detroit’s Big Three Have New Competition In The Electric Pickup War

Lordstown Motors

The Detroit Three have a new competitor in the electric pickup war — it’s called Endurance. And the CEO of Lordstown Motors has come out with fightin’ words.

“If you’re stuck in the mud next to a traditional pickup, we’ll come out first,” Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns said of the all-electric Endurance pickup that his company will start selling next year.

Lordstown Motors

And that’s not all Burns says the Endurance can do first. He plans to dominate the all-electric pickup market segment. That’s quite a statement considering he’s up against Ford and General Motors, who both have plans to offer all-electric pickups in the future and who currently sell the No. 1 and No. 2 best-selling traditional pickups nationwide.

Originally, the truck was supposed to be debuted at the Detroit Auto Show next month however, the show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. So with some creativity and planning, Lordstown Motors will do a “virtual” reveal instead later next month.

After the reveal, Lordstown Motors is expecting to take pre-orders for all 20,000 pickups. Burns is confident the market is searching for a truck like the Endurance.

“You don’t create need, there is a demand for this,” Burns said. “We will be the first electric work truck and nobody will have that for years.”

Burns insists the Endurance will match, even outperform, a traditional pickup in every way. Do the Big Three have something to watch out for?

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