Denver Park Rangers Are Cracking Down, Speeding On Bike Paths Will Cost You $100

Park rangers in Denver are now weilding speed radars. Local news Fox 31 reports that Denver Park Rangers are stepping up efforts to catch people speeding on bike paths.

The speed limit in parks and bike paths is 15 mph however, rangers have clocked people going well over that limit frequently. A ticket for the first offense will cost you $100.00 and repeated violations get more expensive. You can even be evicted from parks if you get busted several times.

If your question is “how could I possibly know how fast I’m going on a bike?” you aren’t alone. Denver Park Ranger Jodie Ehrich says, “We try to suggest to people to get a speedometer, this way you know how fast you’re going. There are a lot of apps that you can download for free or you can go buy one, all tools to make sure you are recreating safely in the park.”

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