Dealership Is Giving New Chevy Silverados A Classic Makeover

A Minnesota dealer is making over Chevy Silverados with decals and paint jobs inspired by Chevy pickups from the 1970s and ‘80s! It’s the best of both worlds – a classic look with non-classic parts so you don’t have to work hard to keep it running. You get all the modern comforts and technology with the basic look of a classic.

The dealership is Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick in Minnesota. Jalopnik reports got the people at the dealership got the idea they accepted a trade-in truck that looked like it would be a hard resale.

Greenfield added a lift kit, chrome accents and wheels in addition to a classic vinyl wrap and decals on the truc kthat look period correct. The dealership only they started getting calls from all over the U.S. after someone posted photos of the truck online. Since then, the dealer has done at least 13 more like it for people in at least seven different states. You can find more pictures and info on the trucks on their Facebook Page.

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