Dealer Told A F-250 Owner His Truck Wasn’t Designed For Speeds Over 65 mph

Ever have the frustration of taking your car to the shop for something you know is wrong and they tell you something else? This guy has. Colorado resident, Brendan, took his new F-250 to his local dealer for a violent front-end shake. Instead of fixing the problem, the dealer told him the truck “was not designed to go over 65 mph” and that’s what was causing the problem.

Not only is that ridiculous for obvious reasons but Ford itself claims the top speed for the truck is 95 mph. According to Jalopnik, after much back and forth between Brendan, the dealer, and Ford, it turns out the truck just had a bad ball joint that was fixed under warranty. The dealer admitted it gave out incorrect information and Ford ultimately took care of the problem. But what would you have said if a dealer gave you that advice?