Davey Hamilton And His Backward Truck!

Pro racer Davey Hamilton has been a car guy his whole life. He started out with racing sprint cars at 18 and by age 33 he was racing Indy cars. We catch up with Davey in Indianapolis and hear his story about his big wreck and recovery, check out his home shop and his awesome collection of vehicles – including a one-of-a-kind ” backward” truck!

Davey recalls the night of the crash that took him out of racing for a while. It was the race at the Texas 500 in 2001. The poles sheared off the front of his car and left his legs completely exposed to the elements of the race track. He thought he might lose his legs.

“I heard a phone call being made by one of the nurses saying that there was going to be a life-flight coming to Parkland Hospital and it appears to be a double amputee.”

But luckily doctors were able to save them and after 21 surgeries and a long time of therapy, he was back up and running – or racing.

And while he’s back racing today, he also has quite a collection in his home shop. So naturally, we check it out. The first toy we take a look at is his ’69 Mustang. He and his team do everything they can to make it a fast car, even running it in the Indy ProAm race. Next up, is an Indy car, to no surprise.

Moving on to the fun cars…a 1971 Chevy that was his daily driver for a long time and he has put a lot of time and work into. But probably the coolest vehicle he owns is his backward truck. It’s a ’52 Ford that Davey and his dad decided to swap the body around. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before!

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