Dash Cam Captures What Really Happened In Serious Crash On Interstate

Time and time again there are crash videos to prove the point that drivers need to move over when possible when there are cars and emergency vehicles on the side of the road, particularly highways. This is one of the more serious ones we’ve seen that was captured by a dash cam on a tow truck that was on scene to help a stranded vehicle.

This minor car crash in Toronto turned major when a white Lexus SUV came barrelling into the car on the side of the interstate in the process of being lifted on to the tow truck. The tow truck driver shows what happened just seconds prior to the crash and how lucky the family involved is to be alive.

Not moving over for an emergency vehicle (which includes tow trucks) is a fine-able offense for drivers. So to avoid a hefty fine and save the lives of those helping others, please move over!

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