Crash Between Pickup and BMW Ends In Smoke and Road Rage

Californians are letting road rage get the best of them. This incident was caught from a few angles and posted to Twitter. It occurred in the area of Victory and Laurel Canyon boulevards in North Hollywood.

From what we can tell the BMW and pickup driver collided mid-intersection after one of them ran a red light. Normally, this is where the drivers get out, assess the damage, and call the police. And it appears the BMW driver may have been about to do that. However, the pickup driver throws it in reverse and then in drive again which hooks the BMW’s bumper and starts dragging the car with the pickup, door open and all. You can see the driver in the BMW one-handedly steering to chase down the truck driver after the vehicles un-hook and the truck takes off.

After the video made it to Twitter, the LAPD took notice and responded to the Tweet asking the poster to send a message including the time and location of the incident. Shortly after a suspect had been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the crash.

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