Couple Ripped From Home By Tornado Surprised By Neighbors With New Van

At the beginning of March tornados and storms ripped through Nashville, TN and other parts of the state. Since then there have been countless stories proving why Tennessee is known as “The Volunteer State” and examples of people helping each other out.

Winston Morelock’s story is one of them. Winston told his story about surviving the deadly tornado that struck his home and how his neighbors came together.

While the tornado ravaged the neighborhood Winston and his wife have called home for over 40 years, the couple was ripped from their home on the mattress they were laying on. All their belongings and vehicles were gone when they surveyed the damage the next day.

While the neighborhood was destroyed, that didn’t stop Winston and his neighbors from helping one another. In fact, more than a week after the tornadoes, strangers surprised Winston and his wife with a free van.

A private donor supplied the van for the couple who have nothing left and have been staying at a hotel for the time being. We love seeing stories like this!

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